Nameservers propagation issue

Nearly a week ago I transferred my domain to a new registrar, and as of today I still have DNS propagation issues, as per

My new domain registrar says everything is fine:

However, Cloudflare is still saying that I need to update the name servers.

I used to have DNSSEC in my old registrar. There’s no option for that in the new registrar; I can only enable Cloudflare’s nameservers and that’s pretty much it. Could this somehow be causing the issue I am seeing with both DNSChecker and Cloudflare?

PS. I have pressed the re-check button in Cloudflare multiple times, and there is no change.


Your domain is active on another Cloudflare account already. The current nameservers do point to what is listed on your screenshot, so the domain should be shortly moved from that account to the new one. However if you have a DNSSEC issue, you should fix that first. It probably is best to disable DNSSEC for the time being altogether.

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Hi, thanks for your response.

What do you mean by another Cloudflare account? I only have one Cloudflare account, which I created long time ago using my email address.

I mean another Cloudflare account by that. Why that is I cant tell you, but it seems the domain is active on another account as Cloudflare announces different nameservers from the ones you have.

For starters, I’d recommend you disable DNSSEC on your registrar’s side. Then the domain should probably activate on your new account and be moved from that other one.

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While at it, if your server IP address ends in 12 it would seem there is no valid certificate on your server, which means you wont be able to properly secure your site. You might want to fix that on your server before setting up the domain.

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