Nameservers Problem

Good afternoon,
When trying to add my website to the Cloudflare, it asks me to change the nameservers, however I’ve done this for more than 3 weeks. The error continues …

If anyone could help, thank you.
Best Regards, João Lopes!

Your screenshot did not upload. Whats the domain?

Hi @joaolopespt, as @sandro mentioned, no image uploaded, can you share the zone causing the issue? I looked at your account and see the pending zones, one seems to be propagating and the other looks to have issues. I don’t know if the suggestions in this tip are helpful, Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”, but I’d check quick fix idea 5 and make sure the spelling on the name servers for the slow to propagate is correct,

Your site seems to be properly configured. Which error is it? Only thing, your site is not proxied but that is not necessary by any means.

Are you referring to this?

Thats something you need to ask your host.

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Link to screenshot: Screenshot-from-2019-05-28-18-17-05 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Hi @joaolopespt, I see that zone is still pending in your account, even though whois and dig show the name server change. And @sandro shows it as configured, but our systems are not recognizing it. This could be that we expect to see a valid name server prior to activating the zone, but the name server showing is not a valid name server.

I hope I am not the only one confused by that sentence :smile:

The domain does point to the right nameserver, does it not? DNSSEC seems to be right too.

@joaolopespt, open a support ticket and post the ticket number here.

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N, on re-reading it, I am as well!

We’re displaying a message on the dash that says update your name servers from xxx to the ones assigned, but what we are showing for xxx is not a valid name server.

+1 to the ticket suggestion and sharing the number.

Ohh, you mean the “remove” part. Sorry, I missed that, respectively skipped it as “for/about this domain” :blush:.

Yes, the “remove” part does not make much sense as it is depicted in the screenshot :man_shrugging:t2:


Website is under maintenance.

Best regards, João Lopes

I will now contact Cloudflare via ticket. Must be a bug kkkk

Thanks all

So it is the issue I referred to five days ago? In that case I already mentioned the solution.

The validation issue is a separate issue, but you will clarify this with the ticket anyhow. Dont forget to post the number here.

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