Nameservers problem - website not loading

have been struggling with this for over a week and can’t fix it. something happened and my website is down because apparently my nameservers automatically changed to google domains and are off of cloudflare and i’m trying to switch them back. i am very lost and need step by step help with where to go and how to fix it. much appreciated!


I am sorry to hear that.

Are you using Cloudflare, if so, for how long was it okay?

Sounds like your domain expired. Did you renew it on time? :thinking:

Only you’re the one who has got the access to the domain name, or there could be someone else, managing it?

Furthermore, may I ask you to post and share your domain name in bracketed dot [.] notation (example[dot]com) here so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide some more feedback information? :thinking:

Hey, I’m the only one managing it. It hasn’t expired, I got it in April or so. The domain is breakoutcreatives(.)com. Haven’t touched it in a while and have been told it’s something to do with my nameservers pointing to the wrong spot, but I don’t know how to and where to go to fix that and point it correctly to Cloudflare. Can you help?

And I’ve been using Cloudflare for 8-9 months now. Zero problems every until this randomly happened the other day. Got this email too:

@fritex I’d love to have this sorted by EOD if possible and would love your help, thanks!

As in the email, your nameservers have changed. There’s nothing to fix in your Cloudflare account, you need to set the nameservers back to Cloudflare at your registrar (Squarespace).

DNSSEC has also been enabled so you’ll need to disable that or fix the DNS records.

If you didn’t do this, you’ll need to check that your Squarespace account hasn’t been compromised as someone must have logged in to it to change the nameservers.

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But I’ve never used a Squarespace account, I don’t even have a login. I’ve only ever used Google. And because of this, I can’t log in and add my domain on some Squarespace account because it doesn’t exist.

Squarespace have taken over Google domains. There should be instructions somewhere about what to do.

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I keep getting asked for a verification code in order to transfer my domain from Google over to Squarespace but have no idea how to get to access this code. Any help?

I don’t think you need to transfer the domain, it’s either still managed within Google and will move or moved to Squarespace already. You’ll need to check with them what’s happened. You should have had emails about it according to their published information.

Look at “Where do I manage my domain” here…

You’ll need to contact Squarespace for advice as this isn’t a Cloudflare issue.

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I did some fooling around and got to here. Changed from default name servers which were the ones pointing to a Google domain, to custom ones which now point to Cloudflare. Will this fix my problem now?


Check Cloudflare & domain registrar for nameserver changes.
Re-add domain or update nameservers back to Cloudflare’s.
Wait 24 48 hours for things to settle patience, young Padawan.
Cloudflare support awaits, ready to be your tech Yoda