Nameservers Pointing to Cloudflare But Cloudflare Not Showing?


I updated the nameservers on my domain registrar to point to cloudflare’s server a couple of days ago, and I checked the dns records on a few dns checkers websites and some of them are showing cloudflare’s nameservers and other dns checkers are showing my hosting company’s ip.

Even though my domain registar is pointing to cloudflare and has been for a while, why isn’t cloudflare recognizing the current nameservers to cloudflare?

What do you mean by that? Cloudflare doesnt need to recognise anything.

Whats the domain?

Cloudlfare is still showing pending nameserver update.

Double check the zita server, there is a typo.

It’s not showing a typo on the nameservers of my domain registar for some reason

At least it looks that way to me. Maybe I’m overlooking something

You are :wink:

As I said, check it carefully

I think it’s a namesilo issue and I compared the zita nameserver with the same nameserver on Cloudflare and they seem to be the same one. I checked it for about 2-3 minutes but I can’t still find a nameserver spelling error even compared with the clouldfare dns on my other monitor and having namesilo on a different monitor. I can’t figure out what I am overlooking :frowning:

The additional L?

Oh, ok. Thank you for pointing that out. I wasn’t able to see that for some reason. I had in my mind that namesilo was having the error but really it was a user error…lol

Thanks again, @sandro for helping me with that :slight_smile:

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