Nameservers pointing to CF but site not in my account

Hi everyone! Not sure where to begin here. In the process of migrating my server and all sites, I noticed that one of my older sites has CF nameservers: braden.ns.cloudflare(dot)com and ullis.ns.cloudflare(dot)com.

But the site itself is not showing in my account (I have a free account). What to do?

The domain is most likely likely active in a different account, has been removed from your account, or was never added to Cloudflare. Please make sure to add the domain in Clouflare before changing name servers.

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Hey Albert,

thanks very much for the insight. I have a feeling it was never added. I have not yet changed nameservers. But an EPP code was issued and request to transfer domain initiated. After that is successful, then I can change nameservers.

However, domain status says that the site is not active on Cloudflare yet; to update the nameservers at your registrar to activate Cloudflare services for this domain.

So, I’m not sure and wondering if the domain transfer will even be successful. What do you think?

You cannot transfer a domain to Cloudflare Registrar that is not already active in your Cloudflare account. You must first add the domain and point it to the designated name servers - only then can you initiate the transfer to Cloudflare registrar.

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Oh dear. Do you know how can I find out if I have more than 1 cloudflare account? I have no record of another account. :-/

It may not be in your account if you allowed a developer or other third-party access to your registrar account. It is just as likely that the domain wound up in someone else’s account who was managing it in your behalf at that time.

If you know what DNS records you need, it may be a better use of your time to just move the domain into your Cloudflare account. You will need to know what needs to be in your DNS to ensure a seamless transition.

If you want to attempt to identify another account, the following might help.

The only way you’ll be able to regain access is by having access to the email address of the account.

These links may help, but they only work when logged out

If you know the email:
If you know the email and have 2FA issues:
If you don’t know the email:

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