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My name servers are still pending after a week and I’ve done everything that the set up instructions say to do. I’m also not receiving emails to the account connected to my website.

Assuming you mean, it appears to be pointing at Cloudflare nameservers, resolving with Cloudflare IPs and serving proxied traffic.

Could you show a screenshot of what you’re referring to when it says pending?

Ok i realise I had 2 domains in my account and one was wrong so that was my bad… Sorry!!! But the issue of the email still stands.

From what I can tell, the MX record for points to which is Proxied.

Cloudflare cannot serve mail traffic on proxied DNS records. I recommend disabling the proxy for the mail subdomain so that it’s set to DNS-only.

ok great, and how do i do that? :sweat_smile: sorry this is like another language to me!

No worries!

If you like reading, there’s documentation here:

But as for this case:

  1. Go to your domain’s DNS records, here’s a quick link to get there:
  2. Locate the record called “mail” and click Edit on the right hand side next to it:
  3. On the small area that appears, click the toggle next to “Proxied” so that it turns off and becomes a grey cloud with “DNS-only” next to it.

Then click the blue Save button and you’re done.

AMAZING!! All fixed thank you so much!!!

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