NameServers(over 24 hour w8)

Hello , guys.
I’ve been waiting for NS to connect for over 24 hours now. Maybe the problem is somewhere on CloudFlaer’s side, or did I change the IP address of the connection before the NS servers connected?
If i open - ‘Whois’ and enter our domain name i see this situation :
Name Servers:
IF i open - ‘ICANNLookup’ and enter our domain name i see this :
The IP server was default at first, but then I set the IP of ‘Keitaro’ and after that, I changed the NS of the server. Could this be the problem?

What’s the domain?

You haven’t set the nameservers yet.

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address: nameserver = nameserver = nameserver =

You only added NS entries to your host. Drop those and set the nameservers at your registrar.

Before you do that, fix your site however, as it currently does not load properly.

I don’t use hosting.
I swap NS on my registar, dude.
My site will be displayed through keitaro

Well, whatever is configured currently is not loading fine and that won’t work on Cloudflare.

As for your nameservers, they are clearly not configured. Contact your registrar for clarification.

And the “www” address you configured on Cloudflare won’t work either.

Make sure your site loads fine without Cloudflare, then it will also work on Cloudflare.

You need to talk to your registrar about that, Cloudflare does not control the NS entries.

Ok , thanks u .
already wrote to support my registar.
Have a good day !

No worries, but I would still recommend to fix your site before you use Cloudflare, otherwise you will only get errors from Cloudflare. Neither the 185 nor the 91 address currently loads your site.

I talked to support, they replied that everything is good on their side

What are you trying to say with that?

The issue has been addressed at NameServers(over 24 hour w8) - #4 by sandro.

The problem still exists

Sure, because you still have the wrong nameservers.


At your registrar.

My registrar said that I had already changed the ns of the server and provided a photo