Nameservers of Website don't match Nameservers of Domain

I have registered a domain using Cloudflare and created a website for exactly this domain.

I recreated the DNS zone by using terraform/API and suddenly the DNS records of the nameservers do not match any longer. (This most probably caused the problems, because “normally” it is not possible to delete a website/zone which has a managed domain).

My Website got in the status “Pending Nameserver Update” and displays different nameserver names like attached to the domain.

When I enter the “Manage Domain” Section under “Domain Registration” I always get redirected to the same page, when I try to click on “Manage” in the row of the domain.

So in the end I can not update the nameservers at my “registrar” like mentioned in the warning of the website.

Did anyone experienced similar problems or has a solution for this?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards

This is something that Cloudflare support will need to fix. Please create a Registrar ticket and share the ticket number here.

For the future, you should import your existing zone into Terraform instead of creating a new zone:


@Laudian Thanks a lot for your response.

The ticket number is 3211536.

And you’re absolutely right, this is what I did initially (importing the terraform resources), but then accidentally recreated the zone because of renaming the terraform resource itself. Which is quite stupid to be honest :frowning:

I’ve reached out to you on that ticket with an update. If you have any questions, feel free to reply directly on that ticket!

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