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I’ve changed dns from Cloudflare to the registar and I’m still waiting for validation after 24h. Checking nameservers it resolves correctly the ones from Cloudflare. I don’t know what’s happening.

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Your site still has a bunch of other nameservers added to it, other then just Cloudflare’s:

Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

You need to remove all except Cloudflare’s two they assigned you, at your registrar, which appears to be cdmon. Once you remove the other nameservers, Cloudflare should notice the change after a bit (exact time depends on top level domain & how often Cloudflare checks, should be within a few hours though) and send you a successfully added email.

I’ve seen this checking ns resolution, but in my registar are only the two from Cloudflare.I don’t know why they appear or where to delete them. Any suggestion? Thanks a lot!

And I see that this ones from topdns only are in some dns servers, not at all.

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If you trace it, they’re still there:

As @Chaika said, you need to have them removed and only have the ones that Cloudflare assigned to your zone.

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Thanks for information. This is what I’ve in my registar:


I will talk to them because I don’t understand what is happening.

Thanks a lot

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If in doubt, reach out to your registrar’s support and inform them of the situation. Usually it’s just a matter of setting the two nameservers in your registrar’s panel, but sometimes things break and may require their help.

The way that DNS works is that it tries to recursively resolve the hierarchy until it reaches an authoritative answer. The other nameservers you have set do not respond to queries, and as such DNS Resolvers would skip them/retry until they randomly pick Cloudflare’s, and then Cloudflare’s response just returns the two nameservers it knows. I’m guessing for a few, they gave up early, have different behavior, or just didn’t randomly pick the working cloudflare nameservers on retries, and so returned the TLD’s response.

Eitherway, contact them is the best route here.

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