Nameservers not updating

Typically when I add domains to Cloudflare, as long as I have the name servers entered correctly with my registrar, the domain immediately activates in my account. Today, I have just added three domains and they are all still showing

Complete your nameserver setup

The domains are, and I just transfered them from EasyDNS to Namesilo.

I’m really concerned and wondering if I’ve done something wrong and my sleep addled brain is just not seeing it.

And then moments after submitting this request, the issue suddenly resolved itself for all three domains…

I guess I will ask the question, is it possible to get a domain activated on Cloudflare prior without having to change the name servers with the registrar? This requirement to update the name servers with the registrar puts me in a tight spot when Cloudflare doesn’t immediately activate new domains, because by changing the name servers with the registrar, I’ve essentially disabled authoritative DNS for my domain until Cloudflare decides to activate the domain.

Not really. Before you can add a domain it needs to be active with other nameservers.

Sorry, I don’t follow.

Here’s the scenario.

  • I have an existing production domain,
  • It is registered with and EasyDNS who also provides authoritative DNS
  • The EasyDNS name servers are used in the registration
  • I then decide to move the domain to Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS
  • I can get all the DNS records ready to go in Cloudflare, but I can’t make the domain active until I tell EasyDNS to change my registration to use different name servers, so I make the name server change
  • If Cloudflare doesn’t immediately recognize the changed name servers and thus refuses to activate, I have an unknown length of time in limbo while I don’t have authoritative DNS

Or am I missing something really obvious?

The fact that Cloudflare immediately starts to respond for your domain (unless it was originally on a different Cloudflare account), the moment you add it and get nameservers assigned.

Thanks @sandro, I’m sure you’re correct, but unfortunately I can’t go back and verify now that the move has been completed. I was quite certain that I wasn’t able to resolve names during the transition, so I may not have properly described the steps that I took. Anyway, thanks again for being so quick to jump in and help.

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