Nameservers not updating, need urgent help

Hello Team,

I have updated the Nameservers from godaddy end, the domain was previously on different Cloudflare account and the old nameservers are :slight_smile:

**OLD ONE:**

**NEW ONE:**

Its taking very long to propagate, whether the domain should be removed from old account to get reflected with new nameservers?

Any one please help. We are waiting since hours!!

If you are talking about, then that domain would be already pointing to the new nameservers.

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:     nameserver =     nameserver =

It should be active on the new account and you can drop it from the previous account if you want, but it shouldn’t be active there any more anyhow and be dropped at some point automatically.

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They Sandro the domain in question is

That domain also has the same nameservers set.

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Yeah, thats why wondering why the website is not loading from new server, we have already pointed the domain to new IP from Cloudflare DNS and it is proxied.

Do you think, changing proxied to DNS only will make things faster?

That’s a different issue, though.

The site generally seems to load fine. If it doesn’t for you, you may want to pause Cloudflare and check if your server responds fine.

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Yeah it worked when I paused the Cloudflare and tested a test index file using geopeeker.

So do you think its an issue with Cloudflare?

Yes, that’s not a Cloudflare issue. It may be a DNS propagation one and in that case you’ll simply have to wait.

Okay thanks man,

Have a great time.!

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