Nameservers not updating in Cloudflare Overview

I added the Cloudflare supplied NS records about 24 hours ago. All DNS servers on DNS checker are showing the Cloudflare NS, but Overview is still showing the old Nameservers.

…and yet the site still works as normal…

So I’m a bit confused. Firstly why is Cloudflare still showing the old nameservers, and secondly, if Cloudflare isn’t serving up our content yet, why does the site even work if the rest of the world servers are using CF proxies!?

I get the feeling that the Overview page doesn’t always update as fast as it could when your name server change first kicks in. What’s the domain? is showing partial propagation. It can take up to 48 hours for full propagation.

Oddly enough, though, is that still shows the old name servers.

Yes DNSChecker shows almost total propagation expect in one place - the UK :smiley: However, if you use it to show only the UK servers, there is still only 1 or 2 showing the old NS.

I guess I need to be more patient :slight_smile:

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