Nameservers not updating in CF

I am trying to add CF to my website
It has now been stuck on “Pending nameserver update” for 4 days.

As you can see from my domain host its pointed to the right place.

And when you check here you can see that it has clearly gone through already

So my question is why does nothing happen when I push the “Re-check now” button? and is this supposed to take 4 days?
Can anyone shed some light to anything I might have done wrong?

That looks the usual issue where you created NS records instead of changing your nameservers. You need to do the latter.


Wow, ok, facepalm. :sweat_smile:

So I found this magic place on my webhost now, there goes me being thorough out the window.
So it should be working soon then.

Thank you so much for an insane quick fix to my issue!

ps: What should I put in the record tab? keep them as the CF ones?

You shouldnt have the NS records in the first place.

Just to elaborate on sandro’s answer above, a simplified (no caching etc.) description of how the A record for would be resolved is as follows:

  1. One of the root servers is asked for the nameserver for .no.
  2. One of the nameservers for .no is asked for the nameserver for
  3. One of the nameservers for (which is what you configured at your domain registrar) is asked for the A record for

The ability to add NS records in the cloudflare interface is so that a subdomain of can be configured to be handled by a different nameserver.

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