Nameservers not routed

For some reason (it’s been a week), but we pointed the nameservers to Cloudflare, but nothings switched over, it shows in our cPanel that we are using both CF and, the response from our hosting company is this:

You need to contact CloudFlare support regarding the issue, We can see the NS are point to cloudflare but we don’t see the traffic is routed to our server from cloudflare.

It shouldnt show there, but at your registrar. You probably set up the nameservers in the wrong place. Make sure you changed that at your registrar.

Whats your domain?

Hi the nameservers have been updated, our hosting company is also the place we registered the domain.

Nameserver 1
Nameserver 2

I am afraid they havent. It still points to hpdns.

Thank you, i’ll inform them now :slight_smile:

Reply from host: I can see DNS records are not propagating, kindly check with CF team for more support.

You can check the DNS setting for the domain with below given link.

Hi @daretoclub,

I presume, given the hpdns nameservers, that you are with HostPresto. If you have registered the domain with them as well as your hosting, you should change the nameservers in the client area, not the cPanel.

Then choose ‘Domains’ and click ‘manage nameservers’ next to the domain you want.

You should then be able to choose ‘use custom nameservers’ and change them to point to Cloudflare. The nameservers still don’t appear to have been changed…

What is propagating? Its still not the Cloudflare nameservers I am afraid.

$ dig NS

;		IN	NS

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS

From the link you posted I do notice too that they are mentioning Cloudflare, but that is probably an issue on that site’s side. The output above was querying directly the .uk nameserver in question.

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