Nameservers not Resolving

The domain nameserver has been pointing to cass.ns… and randall.ns… for several days, and they are not resolving worldwide. GoDaddy is blaming Cloudflare. Is there any reason why the domain name would not resolve to the nameservers?

The client’s emails have not been working now for several days. This is a freshly bought domain name, so I don’t have the option of transferring it to another registrar and having them point it.

The GoDaddy ATS team keeps telling me that it is on Cloudflare and to contact them for a resolution.

An improper DNSSEC setup may cause this. Other than that, you would need tot ell us the domain in question.

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I deleted the 365 emails that were attached to the domain name, and then the domain name finally resolved for Cloudflare to accept it and allow me to finish the processes. I then restored the 365 emails and added all the DNS to Cloudflare. It must have been Microsoft stopping the NS from propagating properly. It took about an hour after deleting the email for the NS to be displayed worldwide.

That sounds like correlation. There’s no relationship between those records and nameserver changes at the registrar.

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