Nameservers not resolving to correct IP addresses for one domain name

I have two nameservers which are configured on the same cPanel server, and I have setup A records on Cloudflare as follows:

This setup has been working for a while until recently. One of my clients registered two domain names through CrazyDomains, a and a The domain name was configured to use my nameservers however the .com domain name was using CrazyDomain’s DNS servers with records pointing to my cPanel server.

The issues started when I updated the nameservers on the .com domain name to my nameservers. I allowed ample time for the changes to propagate however after some time no DNS records were being returned for the .com domain name. I have since moved transferred the domain name from CrazyDomains to another provider and the issue is still half present.

Some DNS servers are returning the correct records for however some are not returning the correct records, or any records at all. MXToolbox does not return any DNS records and is resolving completely different IP addresses for my nameservers:

As you can see the IP addresses for and are not correct and I do not recognise those IP addresses.

How do I go about resolving this issue?

Further to my email above, the look up results for the domain name return the correct IP addresses for my nameservers:


Try adding a “A Name Record” with your domain "" as Name & IP address “” as Value

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Those IP addresses are registered at the TLD. Update them at’s domain registrar. Their control panel should have a page like “update glue records” or “register nameservers” or something.

If they don’t have a way to do it, you need to contact their support, or transfer the domain to a registrar with a better interface.

According to whois, the registrar is:

   IP Address:
   Registrar: Synergy Wholesale Pty Ltd
   Registrar WHOIS Server:
   Registrar URL:

Given their name, you might be using some reseller, though.

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Thanks for the tip. I just checked the domain registrar control panel and the IP addresses for the nameservers were configured incorrectly there.

Mystery solved and another lesson learnt.

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