Nameservers not reflecting since the outage

I have a domain is stuck since the recent outage.

1- I added this domain to Cloudflare dashboard during the outage.
2- I changed the domain NS to point to Cloudflare.
3- The domain never reflected Cloudflare NS and was showing host not found when I ping it.
4- When I change the NS to other host it works fine.
5- I tried to remove the domain multiple times from Cloudflare and re-add it but never helped.
6- Currently it’s showing active on Cloudflare dashboard while the NS is not pointing to Cloudflare.

What is the issue here or how can I solve that? I guess something got broken for this domain because of the outage.

What’s the domain?

And which name servers does your Cloudflare dashboard say you’re supposed point to?

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