Nameservers not propagating

The domain tyre07[dot]com, registered on NameCheap and with full setup on Cloudflare, doesn’t propagate correctly.

I’ve checked the zone, DNSSEC is set up correctly… what should I check?


1.That’s insecure, it should be Full Strict

  1. It does propagate all right → DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

  2. You do not have a DNS issue.

  3. Your site currently also loads fine, even though it’s not proxied →

  4. When proxied, you run into a redirection loop, which is because of your insecure encryption setup on Cloudflare. Make sure you selected Full Strict.

I’ve already checked and it does not propagate correctly, as per screenshot.
The site (and the whole domain) resolves in a not consistent way.

That’s possibly an issue with that service, you would need to contact the site owners for that. But it seems that you changed nameservers only recently, it can always take a couple of days for that to propagate.

Cloudflare does not control propagation, however, and DNS-wise everything is in order. Just make sure you change your encryption mode to Full Strict and it should work fine once every resolver cleared its cache.


also some smtp servers cannot find the domain:

May 4 13:02:56 smtp3 postfix/smtp[6173]: 5BAA55E06F: to=[email protected], relay=none, delay=4633, delays=4633/0.03/0.04/0, dsn=4.4.3, status=deferred (Host or domain name not found. Name service error for type=MX: Host not found, try again)

That may also be an issue either with propagation or with their resolution. As mentioned, Cloudflare does not control that and you either contact them or wait, if it is a propagation issue.

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Cloudflare is not involved in propagation issues for its nameservers?
Where could I check?

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No, propagation has nothing to do with the DNS provider.

You’d need to check with each individual resolver, but you best wait until propagation is complete. Assuming this is a propagation issue.

What you need to do on Cloudflare’s side is set the correct encryption mode to Full Strict and enable the proxy, if you want to use the proxy.

Sorry but I don’t understand why full strict or the proxy are related with nameserver issues.
I’ve hundreds of domains on Cloudflare with various configurations (full, strict, flexyble, proxied and not) and only for a couple of domains (this one and another on Cloudflare registrar, both activated yesterday) I’m having this problem.

They are not related, but that’s the only thing you need to fix on Cloudflare. As already mentioned, there are no nameserver issues.

You just changed nameservers and started propagation anew. I’d generally not recommend doing that as you will have an inconsistent setup and propagation will take only longer.

Again, your Cloudflare setup is all right and you only need to fix mentioned settings.

In short

  • change the nameservers back to Cloudflare
  • fix the encryption mode
  • enable the proxy if you want
  • after three to four days propagation should be complete

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