Nameservers not as usual

thank you for your help

I have been using CF for a long time and for all my domains I had the same nameservers

Today, when adding a new domain - I got the attached message

Asking me to change the normal nameservers to the new ones?

Why is that?
Do I need to use the new nameservers from now on?


Nameservers are domain specific, not account specific. Typically you get the same nameserver on the same account, but not always.

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thank you!

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Most welcome :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: really?

I have over 1500 domains/websites with cloudflare; how can I find out a domains set of nameservers via the API? It’s not realistic to log in to each domain to find out if they have changed and what they should be set to.

You get the nameservers after you have added the domain to Cloudflare.

Offhand, List Zones will return the zones and their nameservers, amongst other information.

You’re right, they are returned in the response to /zones Create Zone, I had ignored name_servers in the json response.

Looks like I shall be amending my code.


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