Nameservers No Longer Point To Cloudflare?


We received the message about the nameservers not pointing to cloudflare.

Not sure why. Nothing changed on our end.

I’m not super techy on this stuff.

All our nameservers are in google domains.

Our domain is still up and running and our subdomains that we use.

The image below shows what we received from cloudflare… this is what shows in google domains:

aiden.ns.cloudflare .com
carol.ns.cloudflare .com
ns-1074.awsdns-06 .org
ns-424.awsdns-53 .com
ns-819.awsdns-38 .net


To use Cloudflare, only the Cloudflare nameservers should be used, as they were previously…

A change was made at your registrar on 1 February so that may have been when the AWS nameservers were added. You’ll need to find out who did that and get them removed. Ensure your registrar (and Cloudflare) accounts are secure.

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