Nameservers need to be updated from cloudflare to cloudflare

Domain nameservers require to be updated, for 3 domains that are managed by me, but the original registrar is no longer the owner of the email that was used to register the domains. So, unable to generate the UDAI code for full transfer, but I manage these in Cloudflare, and they need to be moved to our companys account also in Cloudflare. How can I update the nameservers from Cloudflare jen & Nicholas to Marge and Paul.

If the domains are currently registered with Cloudflare Registrar, you can’t currently move the registration between Cloudflare accounts. You can only move the domain to another registrar, add the domain to the other account, wait 60 days, then move the domain back into Cloudflare Registrar.

If you just want to move a domain that’s added to Cloudflare (but uses an external registrar), you can just add it to the new account, configure the settings, change the nameservers over, then remove the domain from the old account once traffic falls to zero.


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