Nameservers issues/problems

I have a goDaddy domain, i used Cloudflare to set an email network with zoho.
Everything went fine. i have 5 emails with my domain working perfectly. Now i have my digital ocean server ready for production.

I added digital ocean nameservers in goDaddy and Cloudflare and somehow my domain is still pointing to this image

Did you replace your Cloudflare nameservers with Digital Ocean nameservers or just add Digital Ocean nameservers?

If you did the former, Cloudflare is no longer involved in your DNS or email, and, unless you are asking how to move back to Cloudflare, there isn’t anything left to discuss on the Cloudflare Community forum.

If you did the latter, you have broken your Cloudflare services. If you want to use Cloudflare, you need to configure your Cloudflare assigned nameservers, and only your Cloudflare assigned nameservers at GoDaddy.

thank you i found the issue . it was an A record in my Cloudflare dns pointing the wrong destination.

and by the way,
i made some test even when i removed my Cloudflare nameservers everything (email, domain) is still working

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