Nameservers issue?


I recently got DDoS attacked and decided it would be smart to get CloudFlare to help prevent that. I worked through the setup just fine, as far as I can tell. When I changed my nameservers my website went down. I figured it was temporary and waited a full 24 hours assuming it would come back up once CloudFlare has taken control. I’m not sure if this is an issue caused by CloudFlare, but it seems as if it is. Here’s a screenshot.

And if you can’t read the error, it says, “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”.

I’m very new to domain owning, and I don’t do any development either so I don’t completely understand what any of this means. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @wasdspacemouse1,

So it appears the nameservers have changed but we weren’t able to get (some or all of) the records for your domain prior to the move. If you can go to your existing (previous) DNS control panel and then either manually create the DNS entires int he Cloudflare DNS section of the control panel or if your old provider supports exporting to a BIND file you can import that into Cloudflare under the advanced section in the DNS portion of our admin console.

Sorry for the difficulties you’re having, hopefully these links help.


I seem to have gotten my site back up. I’m not sure how to access my DNS zone file, although I’m not really sure I need all my DNS zones anyway, and if I find that I do, I can add them back. Thanks for the help.