Nameservers is not editable

I m currently using as my Registrar.
I m trying to apply the free plan for my Wix website.
The Nameservers shows as not editable while I try to change my NS to Cloudflare.

As Wix help page is saying that I must upgrade to premium plan in order to edit the Nameservers. is that true? anyone encounter the same issue as mine?

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Shouldnt that be a question for Wix instead of this forum?

But yes, AFAIK they do not allow you to change nameservers.

thanks for you prompt answer ! so now I am thinking should I upgrade my plan to premium, or just get another registrar and transfer my domain.

is there any resource showing any registrar not allow to change NS ?

appreciated !

It’s up to you what to do with your Wix account, but standard registrars will let you set your own name servers. When shopping around, look at that registrar’s Help documentation for how to change name servers there.

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Personally I’d go with another registrar. However I believe Wix wont provide hosting in that case.

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thanks for your advice, I just got another web account on name :slight_smile:

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