Nameservers IP Address different?

I just added my domain. Did a DNS test and the name servers

Parent Test

Local Test

It’s blocking my whole domain and ability to work on my domain website via wordpress.

What is the domain @convertevolution?

A quick :search: here and this conversation is similar and may help, Godaddy domain needs IP for Nameserver.

I don’t understand how what you posted here is affecting your site/ability to work on the site, can you elaborate?

yes the domain is

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Did a search using and my Local nameservers IP address are different.

can’t access my wordpress admin login.

Your issue is due to a redirect loop. etc

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ok so how do I fix this?

Good eyes by @WalshyMVP, disable your second page rule and you should be good to go.

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i am a newbie to all this. how do I delete the 2nd page rule like you instructed?

I got it! thanks so much @WalshyMVP and @cloonan for your help!

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