Nameservers Help, please

Hi, I need your help. I changed nameservers about my domains to link a domain to another host service (siteground in my case) because I needed to edit any domain’s sites with elementor. That’s ok. Now, I need to link my domain, so the nameservers, to your service (cloudflare). Recapitulating: At the beginning from Pananames to SiteGround then from Siteground to Cloudflare, at the end. The question is: Can I continue to edit my domain’s sites in SG if I change nameservers in Pananames ? I think SG will not see my domains so I will not work with its tools, I hope that’s wrong. What do you suggest me to do ? I hope to be cleared. Thank you so much.

There are topic about Siteground and Cloudflare configuration.

Do you have an hosting account with SiteGround?
I wonder, do you use SiteGround as an Cloudflare integrated partner?
What are your current nameservers?
Do you want to use Cloudflare?
May I ask what is your domain name?

I maybe misunderstood, but if you want to use Cloudflare, you have create an Cloudflare account, then add your domain/website to your Cloudflare account and within the process you will get the Cloudflare’s nameservers, which you have to change from your current nameservers for your domain at your domain registar (Pananames) to the given one’s by Cloudflare.

Furthermore, regarding the hosting, you can have hosting at SiteGround.

Maybe you want also to transfer your domain from Pananames to Cloudflare too?

When you change your nameservers at Pananames to Cloudflare one’s, then you manage your DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard while your hosting account (website content, emails, etc.) are at SiteGround hosting account where you manage your content, etc.

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