Nameservers haven't updated after 3 days

I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to speed up this process or check how long is left.

It’s really frustrating that I still can’t use my domain becuase of this.


The zone activated on Cloudflare on the 30th of June and nameservers are updated at the registrar. Can you clarify where you are seeing your nameservers not updated or what problem you are seeing?

That domain points just fine to Cloudflare. What has not updated?

Hi @LJRex, the questions & comments from @cs-cf and @sandro are spot-on. Name servers seem to be fine.

$ dig ns +short

The issue is with your DNS records, there is no record pointing to Adding that is done via the DNS tab, Editing DNS Records. Can you share what DNS records you do have? Please obscure your origin IP.

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