Nameservers have been changed to wrong addresses

Hello, just got an email informing me that the namservers for my site concurnas .com have been changed to:

stephane.ns.cloudflare .com
fonzie.ns.cloudflare .com

But they should be (and previously they were…):

henrik.ns.cloudflare .com
lola.ns.cloudflare .com

I have not initiated this change and I see no way to change them back to the henrik and lola addresses on the DNS settings for the site. Right now concuras .com is down because of this.

Does anyone know how I can change the nameservers back to henrik and lola? Thanks!

Cloudflare is the registrar for that domain and I see it was moved from the account you are using here (where henrik & lola are the nameservers). At the moment, it is not active in any cloudflare account, although it looks like it’s pending in a number of them…but none of those have the nameservers of stephanie & fonzie.

I am going to need to have our Registrar team take a look at this to help us force the change. I’ll create a ticket on your behalf, you’ll receive a copy of it, and I’ll note the number here.

The ticket number is 2988299 and you will have received a copy of that and can communicate privately with the registrar team on that ticket.


Looks like we were able to get this solved for you in the ticket that was opened. I checked and the name servers are the proper ones and the domain is active on your account.

Sorry that you had to deal with that.

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