Nameservers for our website no longer point to Cloudflare - Website is down

Hi there - Our website suddenly went down about 10 days ago. We since discovered that the person who was managing it passed unexpectedly. They were also using their servers for our website so, now we have no website. I’m trying to figure out what we need to do to get our website back online and not sure if the issue is just a matter of finding a new server. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Do you have access to the website’s data? Any backups?

To regain access to the domain, I would try to contact both the heirs of the deceased and the registry directly. The heirs might be able to retrieve your data from the servers if it isn’t already deleted.

If the domain was actually registered in your name, the registry might be able to help you recover your domain, but small contractors will sadly often register the domain under their own name, which puts the client (you) in a very bad spot.

Luckily we did register the domain under our accounts. But, am I correct that we have most likely lost the actual website? Not a huge issue since we only use it for info and direct folks to various google docs and a third party membership platform. So, would the steps be create a new website ( I’m thinking using something simple) and then getting new server?


The only realistic way to retrieve the actual website data I see is to contact the heirs of the deceased.

But it is probably easier to create a new website if there is no actual data but just stuff like contact information, business hours and a few links - someone competent should be able to get that running within a few hours if you don’t have requirements for custom designs or anything fancy.

I’d really just find a simple website builder that comes with hosting included. Managing your own server is absolute overkill.

You may be able to view an archived copy in the Wayback Machine if the site was crawled.


In addition to everything else mentioned here already …

Nameservers for our website no longer point to Cloudflare

This (specifically) might be because your domain has expired.

Since you mentioned the domain is in your control, you want to double-check the domain and renew it with your Registrar if it’s indeed expired.

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