Nameservers for .gov domain

Our city has been approved for a .gov domain (sunrisebeachtx) and we need nameservers in order to complete the registration. My research indicates that this requires manual setup and configuration by Cloudflare support. Please let me know what we need to do in order to complete this process, including any account and/or plan changes that might be required.


It does. The team needs to manually make some changes in the backend. Can you share the name of the domain here and I will escalate this topic for my colleagues in Support?

I may need to open a ticket on your behalf, but let’s start with some of the details and I’ll bring this to the attention of my colleagues.

Absolutely! Your platform won’t let me post complete domain names because it sees the as links, so here goes: The new .gov domain will be “sunrisebeachtx” We already have “cityofsunrisebeach” as a .org in our account on a free plan. Please let me know what else you need and I’ll get it to you ASAP.


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Thank you. Can you select +Add a site and add the domain

I successfully added the site. DNS now shows norman and rachel as the nameservers, which is what I need to supply on our application, and I will start adding the rest of the records once that is done. That looks like all I need for now. Thanks for your help!

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Just for the benefit of future readers - no manual setup is necessary since a change a few months ago. You can add a .gov domain to your account on Cloudflare and the nameservers will be ready for you to provide to the Registrar.

So you don’t need to raise a ticket - just add the domain to your account and follow the on screen instructions.


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