Nameservers for adding site to cloudflare

I am new here…
I have a domain in godaddy and I am hosting that domain on a different hosting provider.
so I have changed the nameservers on at godaddy for the hosting provider.
Now I have to change the nameservers for Cloudflare. So what’s the process here where my cloudflare is also added and my hosting provider as well.

If you want to use Cloudflare, you have to remove your hosts nameservers and add the records to Cloudflare.

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if i remove my host nameservers , then how will I able to host the website?
As my domain is in godaddy and my domain website is hosted on another hosting platform let sat Namecheap.
Domain : Godaddy
Web site hosted on: Namecheap

so how to do it?

You add the DNS records.

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