Nameservers doesn't updated

Hi everyone,

I was created dns records around early yesterday. But it’s still not active on cloudflare. Can anyone help me?

Thank in advance

What do you mean by DNS record? Is it nameserver change?

Sorry i was mean nameservers. Yes they are already changed on origin server.

Supposedly nameserver change should be done on your registrar. What’s your domain?

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swieat dot com

The nameserver change does not propagate to all DNS servers properly:

Did you contact Cloudflare support previously? If yes, can you post the ticket number here?

No i didn’t contact previously. Below can see my registrar settings already entered.

The propagation issues mentioned by @erictung are still happening, your registrar should be your next stop for help. It’s either they did not remove the other nameservers when you asked them to add cloudflare nameservers and/or the icann hold that is causing the issues. The registrar can help with both of these issues.

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I’m pretty sure you didn’t actually update the WHOIS records at your registrar. It looks like you just updated NS records in your DNS list.

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% whois | grep 'Name Server'
   Name Server: NS-1041.AWSDNS-02.ORG
   Name Server: NS-1581.AWSDNS-05.CO.UK
   Name Server: NS-43.AWSDNS-05.COM
   Name Server: NS-544.AWSDNS-04.NET

It looks like you have added the nameservers to your existing DNS provider, and not on the Registrar. If you are using AWS, the instructions are here:


It’s resolved by changing ns records on registrar. Thanks

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