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I bought my domain from porkbun and hosting from namecheap & i already update my nameservers to namechep hosting via porkbun dashboard.But when i trying to connect cloudfare service to my website nameserver DNS doesn’t match.Screenshot (137) ![Screenshot (138)|690x322](

You have to switch your nameservers from your existing one (which is Namecheap) to Cloudflare nameservers in order to allow Cloudflare to protect your site.

And why the nameservers do not match? Probably because the nameserver change has not been fully propagated to all DNS servers.

can i reset or reload dns settings in cloudfare.When i check WHOIS its show correct nameservers. But they aren’t natch with cloudfare. :pensive:Screenshot (137)_LI

Does this really matter if you want to use Cloudflare? Because eventually you need to switch your existing nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers.

You should be able to see two nameservers provided by Cloudflare (below the “Remove these nameservers” section).

Grab these two nameservers, and replace the existing nameservers config inside the Porkbun registrar.

Ok Thanks for your help.This is my first website designing experience,I thought it will problem.I will update my nameservers.

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Welcome. have a great day.

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