Nameservers do not change

Hey community! I’m having a problem with the nameservers of a domain ( that is registered here at Cloudflare.
The story goes as follows:

The domain used to be registered at account A with NS’s: (spaces are intentionally added because apparently new users on this forum can only place 2 urls per post…)

  • deb . ns . Cloudflare . com
  • mitch . ns . Cloudflare . com

A week ago the domain was deleted from account A and a couple of hours later registered at account B with NS’s: (spaces are intentionally added because apparently new users on this forum can only place 2 urls per post…)

  • hank . ns . Cloudflare . com
  • hope . ns . Cloudflare . com

The problem is that the status of the domain is still in “Pending Nameserver Update” and that the nameservers are indeed not updated. This has been verified by dnschecker and mxtoolbox:

Hopefully someone can help me out with this.

Did you change the NS at your registrar?

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Have a look at the bit about European Registrars

Thanks for the quick response!

No I have not because changing the NS at the registrar fails. It somehow still expects the old NS’s:

Command failed [53300102912 Nameserver error [ERROR: 118 Inconsistent set of NS RRs (IP, NS host names) (, [,]

@domjh support article should help, moving accounts is something you need to contact support usually, maybe that’s the best course.

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Hi @aikevandenbrink, lots of questions:

  • Can you login to both account A and account B?
  • How long ago did you ask your domain registrar to update your name servers from deb & mitch to hank & hope?

Edit - I think @domjh got it right in the article they shared, “not be possible to migrate Cloudflare without contacting Cloudflare support.” and reason for my first question is at conclusion of article, " please create a ticket to support from the Old zone asking the domain to be purged. Only then Cloudflare will be able to respond to the new pending zone nameservers and allow these registrars altering the nameservers."


Sorry for my late response.

I can login to both accounts and have requested to update the nameservers at my registrar every day since 5 December.

Thanks for your help, I will ask the Cloudflare support on the old account to purge all data belonging to the domain name.


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