Nameservers DNS

Hello. I am new to site building and need help regarding DNS and Nameservers.

The thing is: Months ago, I created my domain in a registar from my country. Then, I got a plan on namecheap, where I could build my website in wordpress and have more features in cpanel etc. I pointed the nameservers on my registar to namecheap, so that the domain I created would show the website I had been making. Now, months later, I wanted to use Cloudflare free nameservers DNS.

My question is: If I deleted the nameservers pointed to namecheap on my registar, the whole website will stop displaying since there will be nothing connecting it to my domain. So changing the nameservers on my registar is out of the question.

What are my options here to use the cloudflare DNS?

You have already listed your option, changing the nameservers at your registrar.

You then link the domain to your website by entering creating DNS records with your server IP.

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