NameServers & Direct Admin

I am a third party system admin for a Company in Hungary, The company purchase a domain from Cloudflare Registarar but we have a problem.

Our third party web hoster needs us to set some nameservers within our domain, we can’t find the option for that.

Can anyone please help?

It is not permitted to use third-party nameservers with domains registered through Cloudflare Registrar. If you cannot use Cloudflare nameservers, you will need to transfer to another registrar. There is usually a sixty day waiting period from the time a domain is registered to the time it may be transferred.

That is very lovely, Can we request our money back then?
The domain was bought yesterday.

I doubt it. Domains are usually purchased without option of a refund and the restrictions on nameservers is stated in the documentation and terms.

You should just be able to request a list of required records from the host and add those at Cloudflare.


The good news is you still keep the time you paid for. I.e. when you xfer away, you add another year of service with that registrar.

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