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I use Cloudflare as my registrar for some of my domains. It seems that things have changed in the last year or so - I need to point a couple of my domains to sites and I am just lost. I cannot seem to do it in Cloudflare anymore and feel so ridiculously stupid.

Would someone be willing to give me a walk through about how to do this. I am using Siteground for hosting, Registrar is Cloudflare with standard nameservers.

Thank you in advance.


Thank you for asking.

From what I read and understood, the particular domain name is registered at Cloudflare Registar and you want to change the domain nameservers to some other different than the assigned/given one’s from your Cloudflare account, correct?

If so, if the domain name is registered at Cloudflare Registrar, unfortunately, currently you cannot change the nameservers if you use Cloudflare as a domain registrar. Currently, Cloudflare Registrar only lets you use Cloudflare name servers. If you want to use external name servers, you’d have to transfer your domain registration to a different registrar:

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You should be able to find the IP address for your Siteground server and create the necessary records in Cloudflare.

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