Nameservers changes - unable to access my website

Hello. My nameservers were changed 4 days ago but I am unable to access my website fully. I received a confirmation email from Cloudflare saying that my nameservers have been successfully changed. The information on still provide the old nameservers. What can I possibly do now, please?

What is the domain?

Hello. Sorry, the domain is

The nameservers appear correct (both from WHOIS and the root servers), the domain is active on Cloudflare and the site appears to load ok for me…

Hi. Okay thank you for this. I wonder why I cannot even access the back end of my website and also the website (that you can see) is an old version (about 3 months ago) and doe not load properly. I wonder if my website is compatible with a CDN or any nature (I had CDN Networks once and my audience in China could not see the website. When I removed it, all was fine). Do you have any suggestions? If the CDN with Cloudflare does not work,I am happy to return to the previous nameservers. but how can I get the website to work with this change of nameserver? Thanks again.

Make sure the A/AAAA/CNAME records you have set are pointing correctly at your host.

Thank you. It looks like the dnschecker shows that the propogation has not taked effect after 72 hours! There are also 2 malware files that need removing which we will remove. Is there a way of getting Cloudflare to re-push the DNS settings. They are still in transit in here: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

I can see that some have 2 numbers. I am not sure which is correct. I asked for a Cloudflare CDN. The name servers were changed to Cloudflare on Thursday and the DNS settings on Friday. So I am wondering if this information is all correct.

Any advise would be gratefully received,

Also, not sure why is still showing the old nameservers and registrar info!!

I’m not sure what you mean, your site (including the WHOIS) is all still ok…

They all look ok to me.

Your site is proxied so you will see Cloudflare IP addresses, usually 2 IPv4 and 2 IPv6, but sometimes more, for your site.

All is working ok.

For me it showed the data from 4 days ago, you need to press the button to refresh it. As you can see in the WHOIS from my site, it’s ok.

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Thank you for your insights. How doI then establish why the website is not working. It is showing a website from a few months ago. How can I get it back to where it was? The login for the cpanel is not working working either. Something is seriously wrong.

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Pause Cloudflare (or set the DNS record to “DNS only”) so requests don’t pass through Cloudflare and go direct to your server. You can then debug the response the from the servers, fix it, then re-enable Cloudflare once it’s all working.

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Thank you. I’ll give that a try!

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