Nameservers changed but not detected by Cloudflare even after 48 hours

I’ve updated my nameservers over 48 hours ago and when I do a lookup, they seem to have propagated. The problem is the Cloudflare isn’t detecting them. I’ve tried deleting the site and adding it to CF again but no luck.


Nameservers are entered in two places: at your domain registrar, and at your DNS provider. You updated your current DNS provider (DigitalOcean) but haven’t changed the nameservers at your registrar yet.         3600    IN      NS         3600    IN      NS

Your domain registrar appears to be SingNet (Singtel), but I’m not sure how to do it. But wherever you entered those two DigitalOcean nameservers, you need to change it to the two nameservers Cloudflare gave you.


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