Nameservers changed but Cloudflare not picking it up


Strange one this

Domain is

IntoDNS and anywhere else are showing the NS as changed to Cloudflare

DNS records also being read from Cloudflare for most look ups, however some are failing to read it

See here

The nameservers were changed over three weeks ago so it’s not a propagtion issue

Any help appreciated


You need to fix your DNSSEC configuration at your registrar’s.

You’ll also need to fix your server certificate as you currently have an invalid certificate.

Many thanks Sandro - I’ve passed this onto my registrar and will see what they say

The certificate is something for your host though, not your registrar.

Yes that’s fine thanks - I have my own server so use Let’s Encrypt on that - again that won’t work at the moment because of the DNS resolving issue

Many thanks

All right, just make sure the certificate is there because currently you have an invalid certificate at that IP address.

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