Nameservers changed but cloudflare not detecting the changes

I changed the nameservers for my domain but Cloudflares namesevers are not propagating. Tried to check on only one dns server is showing the changes.

what can I do?

Hi @amutenga,

I’d say just be patient and wait. I see the Cloudflare NS present in 8 points (one checker) and 4 points (another checker).

Now, if this takes too long (over 24 hours), then you should file a support ticket.

Its a typo issue, you missed the L when you specified the nameservers.

Unrelated, but it also seems the entire TLD has massive configuration issues

thank you very much @sandro,
I’m stupid I didn’t see the mistake for weeks now

Dont worry, that mistaken happens more often than you might think :slight_smile:

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you are a star, I appreciate.

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