Nameservers change change issues

I recently transfer my domain to Cloudflare and now I am moving to a new hosting provider I now realized that I have to pay for something that is included in all other registrar plan: I have to pay to change the nameservers. Because of that my website is down and cannot get support to assist, has anyone in the community faced this issue before? and how was it resolved?

Thanks for your feedback.

Domain and current registrar?

Registrar: cloudflare

Alright, yes, the domain is with Cloudflare. With Cloudflare as registrar you cannot change nameservers at all. If you want to do that you will have to transfer the domain to another registrar.

What exactly is the issue?

I switched to a new web hosting and I was asked to change the nameservers.

You shouldnt have to do that, changing the DNS records on Cloudflare should be enough, to reflect the new values provided by your new host.

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I tried but it didn’t work, I guess I did something wrong.

Then go through the records once more and make sure the records on Cloudflare match exactly those on your host’s side.

Thanks, I’ll try again. But do you thing that the fact it’s with AWS EC2 will not affect the way the records need to be entered.

Where it is hosted does not matter. You need to have the right records in place with the right values.

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