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Why do some domains have NS (cartman(dot)ns(dot)Cloudflare(dot)com etc) and I get ruth(dot)ns(dot)Cloudflare(dot)com, is it plan related, if so how do i do get another nameserver, does it affect performance

All of our nameservers are identical in terms of how they operate and where they operate - so there’s no performance difference from one to the next. All of them terminate via anycast at the nearest point on our network.

The nameservers are assigned to be a unique pair for your particular domain name - that is what allows you to, for example - move a domain between accounts by adding it to the new account whilst it is still active in the old account.

You can read a bit more about the names and how they get assigned (although this is slightly out of date) on our blog:

If you want to customise your nameservers, you can do this on our Business or Enterprise plans:

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