Nameservers automatically change from alex to chad


Hello everyone,

I’m facing the following problem, everytime I try to update the nameservers to:

when I save, it automatically changes them to:

First time this happens, what’s wrong?


Where are you making this change? There’s no need to add name server entries at Cloudflare.


I’m adding them on my domain provider, like I did to all my other sites running cloudflare, but this time this happened


Have you ever used the chad and ines name servers? I’ve had autofill mess me up sometimes.

If it’s still not working, contact your domain provider’s support team. Hopefully they can figure out why their system is undoing your name server settings.


I never used those nameservers before, have no idea where it comes from. I correctly place alex and elsa, but once I save the page, it auto chages. I’ll connect my domain provider.

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