Nameservers are not resolving correctly

I have a site that uses CF. I updated the NS at godaddy to point to another set of CF nameservers, but then had to point it back within an hour of the original update. That was over 48 hours ago, all DNS checkers online say it’s finished propagating, but the DNS under my account is still controlling the A records at the very least. I know this because both CF accounts are pointing to different servers with completely different websites.

DNS checker says NS are pointing to erin/ben
My NS are elinore/jimmy

Completely different NS but when I update the A record on elinore/jimmy the site breaks. Anyone know what’s going on?


That domain is currently, through it’s registrar (Go Daddy, as you said), pointed towards the two name servers:

Sounds like Cloudflare, due to your multiple name server changes, have picked up that elinore/jimmy are the ones that are authoritative, but not yet picked up that they were actually changed back to erin/ben.

It would be next to impossible for Cloudflare (or any other organisation) to pick up these changes 100% instantaneously for millions of domains at once, and typically such checks are done regularly (e.g. often as a part of a weekly (re-)check procedure).

If you intend to have the account with the erin/ben name servers be the place where you need to make changes, you should just need to wait.

However, if you actually intend to have the account with the elinore/jimmy name servers be the place, you need to go to Go Daddy, and change them to become the elinore/jimmy ones.

Thank you! It’s finally fully propagated. I’ve never seen it take more than 48 hours, but what you said about changing the NS and then changing back makes a lot of sense. I appreciate your help DarkDeviL!

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