Nameservers are not propagating

My A record for my domain is proxied and I have the nameservers set for cloudflare in my domain registrar, but when I make a DNS propagation check it is only visible in a few Countries. I also made an NSLOOKUP and a dig and got SERVFAIL id 36339. I checked that the domain is not blocklisted anywhere also.

I have been using the domain with the same settings for the past year by the way.

Anyone know what is going on here ?

Here is the propagation map

What is the domain name? When did you make the change to the nameservers?

domain is, I haven’t changed the nameservers for over a year. The only I did was update the IP of the A record

You have a DNSSEC problem. Some of theose geographic DNS servers are not validating DNSSEC (so show pass by ignoring the problem) whereas others do (so show fail)…

Seems you may have turned on DNSSEC at Cloudflare but not at your registrar. You will need to copy the DS records from here…
… to your registrar.

Or turn off DNSSEC.

Thank you so much

By the way it would be nice to have a tolls page like that too, could you point me in the right direction?

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