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I’m trying to put an Italian domain in Cloudflare, all my attempts were unsuccessful, the last answer I had from my DNS service is below:

"we checked the supplied Name servers again.
The Name Server comparison test fails:

Nameservers list [,] Different from NS Records: [,]
There seems to be a mismatch between the NS who provided us and those set in the Cloudflare area.
It should therefore check this problem with CF and provide us with valid NSs that can pass the check."


They must not set NS records. They have to remove their own four name servers directly from the domain and set those that have been assigned to you. And exactly that two. Others won’t work. You can find them in your welcome email or your dashboard.

Currently there are 4 name servers and four NS records (the same as for your domain). That doesn’t make sense to me.


Thanks MarkMeyer,

Unfortunately I have tried to do this so many times that this was my last attempt, I think this domain is impossible to be configured in Cloudflare, there have been more than 20 attempts so far.


That domain is already active on Cloudflare via a reseller. I would recommend removing it via that same reseller first if possible. If not, your next step should be to contact Cloudflare support.


cscharff thanks, is there any way to know who the reseller is? I’m working with this domain for a short time, I do not know the history of it.

I already contacted cloudflare support with a ticket on May 10, but I understand that in the free plan the volume of service is higher.


Unfortunately i can’t provide information about an account to anyone other than the account owner. Can you provide me the ticket number? I don’t work in support, but I can ask someone to take a peek.




I understand and thank you for this, my ticket is # 1520965


I have the exact same problem. by checking on, the NSCompareTest reports the following error "Nameservers list [,] different from NS Records : [,] "

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