Nameservers are different in the same account

All of the domains in the Cloudflare account most to be the same Nameservers? But I Have in my account the Nameservers are different

It could be that!!?

That is not uncommon.

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Did you see it before? And why do that Cloudflare?

It happens often. The nameservers are what authenticates ownership of the domain and so they are carefully allocated to avoid hijacking.

If the nameservers are set before adding the domain to Cloudflare, a different set will be given. If the domain is deleted and re-added to Cloudflare, a different set of nameservers will be given. There may be other reasons that trigger different nameservers.

If you require the same nameservers for all domains in an account, your will need a Business plan in the account and to use account-wide vanity nameservers…

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