Nameservers and Sub-Domains

If I add custom nameservers to a sub-domain will it affect the other subdomains and root domain?

If you mean delegating a subdomain to an external DNS provider, then, no, the DNS records added at the external DNS provider will only affect the delegated subdomain (and any child subdomains under it that you created DNS records for at the external provider)… but not non-delegated “sibling” subdomains or the root domain.

Below is the Cloudflare support article on how you would delegate a subdomain to be managed outside Cloudflare.

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I’m confused. I apologize…

It’s a godaddy domain. The site is in cloudflare, as is the DNS info.

Does this make a difference? There are other subdomains on the domain, but this would be a new one – it’s the campaigns subdomain. See below:

What are you really trying to accomplish at the end of the day?

Delegating a subdomain is not a common use case, and I doubt if this is really what you’re trying to do. I also don’t see any NS record in your screenshot.

Why do you want to “add custom nameservers to a sub-domain”? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you simply trying to point this “” subdomain to some third-party service?

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This root domain is our corporate site. We will use the subdomain as an agent portal, that will be tied to an email marketing program, etc. The existing NS are the standard ones (athena.ns.cloudflare & valentin.ns.cloudflare) - I’m not 100% sure why they want it, but the developers asked for it…so I did not want to crash my site, hence my reachout.

There are two sensible ways to play this.

  1. You can tell them no and make them submit any DNS change requests through your DNS team using your established change management process.

  2. If you trust them not to break anything in that subdomain, you could delegate management to them. Delete that A record and add two or more NS records in its place that point to the nameservers they specify. That will allow them to manage that subdomain only.

Either of those is a reasonable choice. Notice that granting them access to your root zone is not one of those choices.

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