Nameservers and Domain Registrar Transfer

I currently have some names registered at GoDaddy, set up there with custom nameservers. If I transfer those domains over to the Cloudflare registrar, do the name server settings also transfer over? Is it really as seamless as just following the three steps in the Cloudflare domain registrar UI?

The domains currently need to be active Cloudflare sites, with currently configured Cloudflare name servers and an active status. If this is the case it will work seamlessly. Otherwise it can’t be transferred.

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Thanks. So if I see the domains available for transfer in my Cloudflare registrar UI, does that mean that they fit the criteria and the experience should be seamless?

Theoretically they should, yes. Can’t be 100% sure, there are still some random early bugs, but it should work almost every single time. In case there are issues post them here!

8 of 10 transfers has failed.

  • the only successful step: payment via PayPal
  • all sites are active on Cloudflare
  • two domains are pending (one site has no DNS entries, cause Cloudflare could not copy the old entries)
  • 8 where paid, but during Transfer an API error 502 occurred) - they can be still transferred, but are already paid (the outgoing Registrar got no Transfer request at all)

8 out of 10, one pending, one pending with unknown status… i would say: failed.
who is the contact Person to roll back the Transfer, cancel the payment?

Contact support if you want a refund. Also please retry as there could be temporary issues and the domains require the site being completely active on Cloudflare prior to transfer.

I also had a significant number of domains fail on my first transfer attempt. Simply re-entering the Auth code pushed most of them through OK, for a few I had to regenerate Auth codes to get them to transfer, but all went through fine in the end. It wasn’t entirely painless, but they all got in eventually.

Thanks for info @matteo. I was about to transfer a domain, but it says something about not supporting email forwarding on the screen where I am supposed to enter the auth code, so I just want to confirm another detail. I use G Suite for this domain’s e-mail already. Will that be disrupted as part of this transfer?

With GSuite, the MX records should stay exactly the same with no issues during transfer. The email forwarding notice is for those who use their registrar’s own mail service for email forwarding.

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